About Fork Knife Teeth

Fork Knife Teeth was born out of a love for food – the things it’s made out of, the ways we eat it, the people who cook it – and built on the philosophy that life is too short not to enjoy every bite.

It’s a place for recipes, reviews, events, product features, trend forecasting, and essays. From the technique behind a perfect grilled pizza to stories about exciting restaurants to the brand of kimchi you must try, if it has to do with good food, you’ll find it here.

About Sarah

Sarah is a food lover, a student, a former vegetarian, an ambitious home chef, a hobby baker, a journalist, and a lover of travel and art and books. She will eat anything and is relentless in her pursuit of food that brings her, her family, and her friends joy.

Sarah got her start in the kitchen baking cookies with her mom and sister when she was just a few years old. Her parents cooked dinner every night and she was always there to lend a hand – and she eventually took over as she got older. She’s a firm believer in making food to share with others and trying new things. You can usually find her planning dinner parties, experimenting with new ice cream flavors, eating scones, perfecting her technique for making French macarons, and putting fried eggs on everything.