Make it Taco Tuesday Every Tuesday with These Foolproof Recipes

To me, tacos are a summer food. I would never turn down a taco in another season, but the marriage of fresh citrus, crisp veggies and cilantro is a quintessential summery combination. I’ll throw just about anything in a corn tortilla, but when it’s time to impress (or it’s more than just me sitting down at the table), I turn to these recipes. The cabbage-jicama slaw is so good I’ll eat it on its own, but it’s sheer heaven combined with diced chorizo. Perhaps my favorite iteration of the humble dish is the fish taco, dressed with punchy salsa verde. Keep some toppings spread around the table, like sliced avocado, fresh cilantro leaves and neon-pink pickled onions. And you can’t forget the apps – queso fundido gets the job done (go ahead, make a full batch – your fellow diners will eat until it’s all gone). Ice cold margaritas will wash it all down beautifully. Best of all, you can do a lot of prep before hand – make the queso then pop it in the oven before serve time, chop up the veggies and make the slaw dressing, pickle some onions, whiz up the salsa and chill it. Come dinner time, all you’ll need is a half hour to fry some fish (or grill it, if you prefer), a great playlist, and guests to share in the late summer feast.

Get the recipes: Fried fish, Salsa Verde, Quick Pickled Onions, Queso Fundido